DBridge for l’open finance

From open banking to open business

DBridge is the first digital platform that allows for the integration of high value-added non-financial services into the world of financial services: banks, insurance companies, paytech companies, and corporate service providers.


True to our name, we are a bridge toward the future
of open business

DBridge simplifies the process of financial players and large corporates becoming part of the world of open business. And we enable their business customers to access new, high value-added services (VAS).

We ensure that the process of expanding of offerings is smooth and effective, providing our technological know-how and open finance platform to cover all online and offline aspects involved in the launch of new services.

Market needs

Non-financial value-added services that grow businesses


Business customers are clear on what they need: to become increasingly digital, to take advantage of customized financial offerings, and to access high value-added non-financial services to expand their business. And they trust their financial partners to provide them with additional, innovative answers and solutions to expand their business and competitive edge.


Of customers would consider switching to an online bank to take advantage of innovative VAS


Of customers would be interested using banking-related VAS


Of customers would be interested in using non-banking-related VAS

Coming alongside business customers

The smart solution to expand service portfolios

The DBridge solution allows clients to expand the range of services they offer to business customers by simplifying technical integration between players. We’re not just about lead generation – we’re about end-to-end responses in access to and use of those services.

We facilitate the creation of client marketplaces by including their own suppliers and/or choosing from outstanding players we identify.

Our principles

The 4 DBridge pillars



We facilitate new business models based on the aggregation and end-to-end delivery of non-financial services.


We enable the flexible calibration of VAS offerings, customizing marketplaces based on customer needs.


We facilitate the expansion of financial service player portfolios and the growth of revenues from new services and cross-selling.


We make integrating VAS simple and secure by shortening time to market.

From financial players to digital transformation partners

The DBridge solution to managing complex processes

We manage the onboarding of selected VAS in our clients’ target ecosystem by providing the technological components for:

  • the management of product and service portfolios and assistance to customers through a real-time concierge service
  • the management and tracking of the service delivery process end to end, including administrative and accounting aspects
  • the digital promotion of marketplaces through targeted campaigns
  • the identification of services best suited to customer needs through AI-based matchmaking activities and data analysis.

Endless opportunities for business customers

Monitoring of financial numbers

Analysis of balance sheet data, monitor cash flow, and keeping accurate and clear track of financial numbers thanks to state-of-the-art ERP, CRM and accounting tools.

Evaluation of market opportunities

Identification of new business opportunities through advanced data analysis, evaluation of positioning against competitors, and simulations of business performance in various scenarios and markets.

Innovation through technology

Motivation to innovate operating and sales models through new technologies, digital marketing campaigns and data analytics, and support for business development with business optimization tools and contact with select partners.

Development of human capital

Harnessing the right tools to develop employee potential and invest in human capital through retention methods and searches for key corporate roles.

Focus on technological challenges and risks

Protection from cyber risks thanks to cutting-edge cybersecurity and digital reputation monitoring services, taking advantage of digital security expertise to reduce risks caused by new cyber threats, and cloud computing expertise to scale technology stacks.

Funding of innovation

Investment in digital transformation and innovation thanks to services that support administrative processes and regulatory compliance that enable companies to obtain funds, incentives, and facilities.

About us

The DBridge team



Founder & Business Dev



Founder & President

Serving financial services ecosystems

The power of
DBridge technology

DBridge is a digital enabler that offers technologies leveraging cutting-edge machine learning, artificial intelligence, matchmaking and conversational AI concierge solutions. The DBridge method was designed to offer swift and easy integration within the financial services ecosystem.

We harness the full power of cloud computing while managing hybrid architectures to ensure timely and maximum scalability of the various DBridge components.

Learning & AI

Blockchain Technology

Matchmaking System

Conversational AI Concierge

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With DBridge you can integrate your service portfolio in a flexible, personalized and secure way by receiving active support in all phases of the process.
A cutting-edge approach that allows you to make sophisticated technologies available to your customers, offering them added value.